Forget Camaro Exorcist, Dodge Demon Has Destroyed Dodge Demon!

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Car tuning firm, Hennessey Performance, has got a huge reputation for creating insane tune packages and their latest creation is the Camaro Exorcist. Based on the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE, the car has been upgraded to achieve 1,000hp with the aim of beating the Dodge Challenger Demon.

Well, towards the end of 2017, Hennessey made the Camaro Exorcist official and the vehicle has successfully beaten the stock Dodge Demon on the drag strip. What comes after shocked us as Hennessey found new interest in the Demon and it is to develop a 1,000hp model.

Today, the firm has provided an update on the more insane Dodge Demon and they revealed that tuning package has been established. Known as the HPE1000 Demon, the extra 160hp has allowed the car to complete a quarter-mile challenge in 9.38 seconds.

This is significantly faster than what was achieved by the stock Demon and also the Camaro Exorcist. For the full details, you can check out the clip below.