Forget M-Division, BMW Calls For iPerformance!

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It wasn’t that long ago when BMW unveiled the M-tuned 7-Series and now, they revealed that their bigger goal is to offer more eco-friendly cars for the future. While BMW will still continue to produce more i-vehicles like the i3 and i8, they are also planning to develop a new trim badge for their existing vehicles.

We learned today that the badge will be called iPerformance and it will work similarly like the M-badge. A spokesperson from BMW shared that the iPerformance trim will be introduced to the 7-Series and other existing vehicles in the fleet.

The 7-Series iPerformance will basically run on a new hybrid powertrain that is aimed at maximum performance while focusing on the best fuel economy around. Of course, iPerformance is still a work in progress but we can get a better idea of its offerings once BMW unveils the 7-Series iPerformance later this year.