Forget M760, BMW Looking At M850i For Fastest Title

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Looking at BMW’s current active line-up will tell you that the M760 is the fastest production model around but this will look to change in the near future.

BMW is edging closer towards launching the all-new 8-Series and the car has been tipped to arrive with an M-variant. While official details are not out yet, many are certain that the car will be called the M850i and it will have 530hp and 553ft-lbs of torque wrapped inside a V8 engine.

The numbers may not be as big as the M760 but the lightweight setup of the M850i as well as better supporting equipment will compensate for it.

On the other hand, the M850i may just be a preview of something bigger and better coming in the future. We are talking about an M860Li that can completely take over the M760 as the fastest BMW production car yet.