Forget Model S P100D, Tesla Looking At New Roadster For Halo Car

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Prior to the release of the Dodge Challenger Demon, the Tesla Model S P100D is the record holder for being the world’s fastest accelerating vehicle around. This is quite an amazing achievement, especially when knowing that the P100D runs purely on electricity.

Despite making such a remarkable achievement, the P100D is not exactly the top vehicle in Tesla’s eyes, The Model S may be good off the line but around a proper track, it is far from being the best. This is something which Tesla is showing desire to compete in and they claim that the track-ready vehicle they are working on will be their halo car.

In case you are wondering what it is, Tesla is developing the second generation Roadster. The carmaker started shop with the Lotus-based Roadster and Elon Musk has confirmed on the development of the second-generation Roadster.

Elon is saving the details for a later date but he did share that the Roadster is going to have an EV powertrain that can create a new record in 0-60mph times. Are you excited?