Forget Wrangler, Jeep Renegade Is Good Enough Off-Road

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Tough Mudder. That is the new nameplate being adopted by 100 Jeep Renegades to separate itself from the pack due to having greater off-road ability.

Jeep announced on the Renegade Tough Mudder earlier today to celebrate their fourth year sponsoring the UK Tough Mudder series. But of course, the name is not just for show. The Renegade Tough Mudder had to prove its worth hence it was placed in an extreme off-road challenge on the auto show.

The challenge involves a multi-terrain track that consists of rough terrain, dirty water and some signature obstacles such as the “Mud Mile” and the “Quagmire”.

Under the hood, the Renegade Tough Mudder is equipped with a 2L turbocharged diesel engine that can develop 140hp.

Seeing that the Renegade Tough Mudder is able to complete the off-road course with great success, it convinced us to see the Renegade as a worthy vehicle from Jeep instead of just being a more commercialized, toned down Wrangler.