Geely Coupe SUV: Is That The X4?

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Geely did release a few teaser images of their upcoming Coupe SUV model codenamed FY11 so the fact that they are working on it is not a secret but the Geely was trying to keep the design a mystery until they were ready to show it off.

However, that plan is not going to work now with the new leaked images that has been making its round on the interior. Release by Autohome from China, we now get to see how the Geely Coupe SUV model will look like when it arrive.

The one thing that people seems to notice is the inspiration behind the Coupe SUV as a lot of people seems to think that it looked like the BMW X4. Features like the front bunper, side profile and sloping roofline all looks similar to the X4.

The new coupe SUV will be their first model that will be given the Compact Modular Architecture and should be powered by the 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylidner engine that will be offering about 235hp.