Geely EV Sedan Looking At America As Potential Market?

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Geely might be looking to build a new EV sedan model that they will unveil this year. We don’t have many details about the vehicle right now but there have been talks about the vehicle possibly being released in the US.

They did not reveal much about the vehicle but they did say that the vehicle will focus more on design, tech as well as perforamnce. They also added that the EV would be a globally developed product which means it could be coming to the US as well.

The teaser image of the vehicle showed what looked like a swept back greenhouse with a front that Geely says will embrace the “yi” concept which is the Chinese word for one that also looks like a long “-” which we can see is what the headligths has been deisgn to look like.

Geely it looking to have 90% of their vehicles be electrified by 2020 so this would bring them one step closer to that goal.