Genesis G70 Writes Off N Chances… For Now

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Genesis has enjoyed a successful start in the automotive industry and this is thanks to the G70. The compact luxury vehicle has got a high-quality finish and it undercuts the pricing of rival vehicles.

Now, Genesis is handing the G70 a bigger push through offering the vehicle with a manual gearbox option. Many that have heard of this were quick to predict Genesis to develop the G70 N. The car will be tuned by Hyundai’s N Division and it will turn the G70 into a performance beast.

Today, Genesis has offered a response on the matter and they revealed that there won’t be a G70 N. The carmaker quoted that the G70 N is indeed an interesting idea but it is not something which they want to work on at the moment.

Funny enough, Genesis made a similar quote when questioned on the absence of manual gearbox for the US market and they ended up giving in to the demand of the public. As such, we can’t be certain if there’s not going to be a G70 N. For all we know, Genesis may change their mind on the idea next year.