Genesis GV80 Shows Off New Display Tech

Digital touchscreens and displays have become an important part of a vehicle now and automakers are trying to come out with new ways to keep things more interesting and it looks like we might have seen what the Genesi GV80 could be coming in with.

Continental showed off their new 3D tech which will be making its debut on the upcoming Genesis GV80 model. The 3D tech will not require the driver or passenger to put on any glasses.

The display will work to show the driver different road signs, traffic safety alert, infotainment messages and more in a 3D manner which will make it easier for the driver.

As for when we will be seeing it in action, well, we will have to wait for Genesis to officially start rolling out their new GV80. What do you think? Will the 3D tech make it more confusing for the driver or will it really help?

Author: Staff Reporter

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