Genesis SUV Plans To Skip Audi For Bentley!

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Genesis may have experienced a slow start on the sales front but what they have in plans in the near future may push the company forward, or on equal footing with the industry’s best.

We are referring to the upcoming SUV from Genesis, which will truly redefine the term luxury. Dubbed as the GV80, a concept of the vehicle was unveiled earlier today and it left us jaw-hanging in awe.

As how you can see above, the SUV certainly looks classy and it got all the blings to impress. Most luxury SUVs today are more conservative with their offerings but it won’t be the case for the GV80.

Instead of toning down a little to compete with the Audi Q7, the GV80 looks like it wants to chew the all-new Bentley Bentayga alive. More details on the GV80 will surface at the next LA Auto Show.