Ginetta New Supercar Should Not Be Overlooked

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Compared to the other supercar manufacturer out there, Ginetta might not be that well known but we definitely should not ignore their upcoming supercar.

While not as big as the other car company, Ginetta have been building sports car since 1958 and now they will have one more to offer. The upcoming supercar does not have a name yet but according to Ginetta, the vehicle will be offering about 600hp thanks to its naturally aspirated V8 engine. The engine will be mated to a manual transmission.

Based on the teaser image that we have been seeing, the engine will most likely be sitting in the front. In terms of styling, expect to see something that is similar to the new Toyota Supra and the C7 Corvett. No date has been announced yet but it is believed that Ginetta will reveal more at the Geneva Motor Show.