GM Confirms Tesla-Like Market Transparency Approach

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GM has this habit of making fun of rival carmakers to promote their products but they always ended up following their rivals sooner rather than later.

We have seen this happened with the Ford F-150 very recently ago. GM made fun of the pickup truck for having an unconvincing body strength due to the aluminium setup but they ended up injecting more aluminium on the latest Chevrolet Silverado.

Now, the carmaker is back and this time, it is with an announcement on a Tesla-like sales announcement approach happening in the near future. As how it was reported on BusinessInsider, GM will stop reporting monthly sales and will announce their sales on a quarterly-basis instead.

Such a move can be pretty ironic since GM had been criticizing Tesla for trying to change the traditional practices of the automotive industry but it is a necessary one for GM to make.

The carmaker is said to be frustrated with the lack of improvements in the valuation of their stocks and this is despite posting significant gains on the sales front. Meanwhile, rival Tesla has been enjoying high stock valuation that is credited to market speculations and this appears to be what GM wants.