GM Hits A New Low After Fuelling Violent Protest

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Unlike Ford which has been doing well in the global scene, GM is having a lot of trouble with its global operations and everything struck a new low yesterday when the carmaker’s decision to cut employees bonuses in South Korea led to a violent reaction.

A group of employees were severely angered by the cancellation of the bonus that they have decided to hit GM back with property damages. The affected folks were caught by a CCTV footage breaking into GM’s main office in South Korea and smashing almost everything in its path.

The CEO’s room suffered the biggest damage and GM has offered a response towards the matter. The carmaker revealed that they won’t tolerate such behaviour and has handed the case over to the local authorities.

When questioned on the bonus cut, GM made it clear that their production facility in South Korea has been making huge losses and they are on the verge of shutting down operations. The poor finances is solely the reason why bonus cuts are implemented.