GMC Envoy Silence Haters With Massive Airtime!

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The old GMC Envoy is one of the most sighted SUVs on the roads and it is easy to understand why. The large SUV is really affordable to own and it offers a no-nonsense performance that can get you from point A to point B without having anything to worry about.

Due to the lack of excitement with the Envoy, some enthusiasts have taken their time to hate on the vehicle. It can’t be helped because there isn’t anything exciting or special with the vehicle.

That was the case until today when the SUV from GM was spotted flying off the road into a roof of a house. As how you can see in the video below, the Envoy is literally stuck on the roof of a landed property and the sighting can leave you with a lot of question marks.

The reports are claiming that the GMC Envoy was speeding through a red light before it hit an embankment that left it flying to the roof of a house. It is just difficult to imagine the happening and we can only wonder the physics behind it.