God of War vs Sea of Thieves: Single-Player Wins!

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Console-exclusive games have a strong influence on sales of the platform they are made for. Take Halo as an example. The sci-fi-themed FPS game single-handedly turned the Microsoft Xbox into a major gaming platform in the industry.

For the current-generation system, there wasn’t a contest to begin with as the Sony PS4 managed to outsell the Xbox One thanks to having a greater hardware setup. Microsoft managed to survive on the sales front but this is only thanks to the backwards compatibility program. It would seem that a good console exclusive can allow the Xbox One to narrow the gap with the PS4 but that didn’t happen at all.

Sea of Thieves was that game meant to give the Xbox One a huge uplift but the pirate-themed MMO title came out with a very poor setup hence doing more damage to the Xbox One than good.

Meanwhile, Sony opted for a traditional single-player game through God of War and the title has made it rain gold for the company. It was confirmed earlier today that Sony managed to sell 3.1 million physical copies of God of War in the game’s first three days hence making it as the bestselling exclusive yet.

God of War outdid Uncharted and several other games to become the hottest-selling exclusive title and this has probably made Microsoft realized that hopping onto the MMO trend is not necessarily a successful solution to slumping sales.