Hennessey Silverado Shows GM How Pickup Should Be Made

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What you’re looking at above is an insane-looking Chevrolet Silverado that has been turned into a 6×6 by the lads at Hennessey Performance.

The modded Silverado was developed based on the request of pickup truck fans after witnessing the successful creation of the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6. Hennessey calls it the Silverado Goliath and it looks really good.

Aside from the addition of two extra tires, the firm put in a roll bar, LED auxiliary lights and a new set of bumpers. The powertrain has also been upgraded with the addition of a new supercharger and it brings the total output to 705hp and 675ft-lbs of torque.

Hennessey revealed that the Goliath will be produced in limited numbers – 24 units to be precise. The vehicle will also be extremely expansive to own as prices will start at $375,000.