Honda Brings Justice To Acura ILX Valuation!

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How would you describe the latest Acura ILX? If you ask us, we would say disappointment. This is because of the vehicle’s strong relations with the Honda Civic.

While it may still be alright for us to accept the ILX as the Civic that has been reshaped for the luxury market, we find it provocative that the latest model is still built on a chassis from the ninth-generation Civic. With that in mind, there is no point to pay so much for a luxury car when the cheaper alternative, the tenth-generation Civic, is able to offer more for less money.

Honda has apparently heard the criticism and they have since announced on some price cuts for the ILX. The carmaker revealed that the 2019 ILX will be cheaper by $2,200 across all trims. This means that you can obtain the entry-level luxury sedan from as little as $25,900.

It is a price that suits the ILX better – at least until Acura launches an upgraded model that can allow the car to pull away from the Honda Civic.