Honda Civic & Accord Feeling The Heat!

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It is clear that sedan models are not doing too well now and Honda is looking to make some changes to their line up.

It was reported by Motor 1 that Honda has decided to cut back on the Acord and Civic production at their Marysville Auto Plant and Honda Manufacturing of Indiana. This came after The Detroit Bureau reported that they are slashing the production of the Honda CR-V, Acura ILX and Acura TLX.

Honda later came out to admit that they are making some production adjustment to their models but also added that the Acura production will not be affected this time around.

Despite predicting some pretty rough time for the sedan models, Honda is still committed to offering sedans as they feel that the sedan is still being picked up young and multicultural car buyers unlike automakers like Ford who have decided to leave sedan models behind like Ford.