Honda Civic Hands Lady A Final Destination Experience!

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Movie goers in the early 2000s can easily recall a film franchise called Final Destination. A quick Google search on it will tell you that the series is about premonitions and evading death. The show is famous for its highly mechanical and graphical kills, and a lady learned that first-hand in her Honda Civic.

The driver of the Honda Civic was quietly cruising on the highway behind a loaded pickup truck when a piece of plywood nearly claimed her head. The plywood is about half the length of the Civic and it fell off the unidentified pickup truck.

The wooden slate flew straight towards the Civic before making an insertion into the cabin by slicing the windshield. It is a pretty fine cut and the horrifying bit here is that the lady’s head was a couple of inches away from rolling on the ground.

Thankfully, she managed to escape unhurt although the happening has left her greatly traumatized.

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