Honda Civic Hatchback May Get Si Makeover

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About a month ago, we shared with you spy shots of the 2019 Honda Civic Type R and we discussed on the potential of seeing the car coming in two different guises.

This cannot be avoided as the spy shots saw two Civic hatchbacks on the track with two different rear spoilers. The first model has an oversized panel sticking out of the rear window pane whereas the second model has a slim and small spoiler.

Well, it has occurred to us that both vehicles are two different models instead of just being the Civic Type R. Rumours have surfaced online earlier today that Honda is prepping the release of the Civic Si in hatchback form and it will be a car that features a small spoiler.

Rumours should be taken with loads of salt but the above does sound likely to come true when you consider that Toyota had just announced on the Corolla Hatchback. If this is to indicate anything, the Civic Si in hatchback form may end up being Honda’s response to their rival.