Honda Civic: Is Honda Even Trying To Stop The Decline?

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The tenth generation Honda Civic enjoyed two straight years of record-breaking sales figures before experiencing a slow-down and this is enough to call the compact car a success.

But since the slow-down happened, sales of the Civic has been on a steady decline and it hit a new low for the month of July 2018. It’s beginning to look worrying because the Civic hasn’t gone this long without sales improvements and Honda seems like they are not too bothered by it.

In Honda’s defence, sales of their utility vehicles have gone on a steady incline and this helps balance out their chequebooks. The carmaker is aware of the declining Civic and they intend to stop it with a GIF to promote a massive summer sale.

The method here is to utilize popular GIFs as a basis to promote their cars. The new GIFs will be rolled out in the month of September in a bid to capture the attention of the consumers. If it turns out to be a success, we will shake our head in disbelief.