Honda Civic Spy Shot Was The Hatchback SI?

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A few months ago, spy shots of what many of us believe is the upcoming 2019 Honda Civic Type R made its round online. At that time, people thought that Honda was going to offer the Type R with two different guises since there were two models that were getting tested at the same time and each model has something different.

Well, new speculation now suggests that only one of the two was a Honda Civic Type R and that the other model could be a Honda Civic Si model. It is believed that one with the smaller spoiler could be the Si.

Of course, there is no way we can confirm that until Honda make an official announcement but it does make more sense than Honda actually trying to offer two different Honda Civic Type R model. The Honda Civic Hatchback Si would make the perfect rival for the announced Toyota Corolla Hatchback.