Honda Civic Type R Can’t Run From Electric Forever

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It looks like the Honda Civic Type R will eventually need to hop on the electric bandwagon as Honda announces their future electrification plans for the European lineup at the Geneva Motor Show.

According to Honda, they are looking to offer hybrid and ev version of every model in their European lineup by 2025 and that probably inlcudes the Honda Civic Type R as well. This announcement diffs from Honda previous announcment whcih was to only electrifiy two third of their lineup.

With their new plan, the Civic Type R would not be able to escape so if Honda plans to continue offering the Type R in Europe, it will have to be fitted with a hybrid engine.

Honda has been taking tiny steps towards their electrified future with the released of the Honda CR-V Hybrid earlier this year. Some things that we can look forward to from Honda includes the production version of the E Prototype.