Honda Civic Type R Donor Car Up For Grabs!

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Remember back when Honda launched the tenth generation Civic? It took only 2 weeks for a person to collect his purchase before crashing the vehicle when driving home. The car ended up being the first donor car within the Civic family.

Today, it is the high-end Civic Type R’s turn to face the same fate. A 2018 Civic Type R was purchased 10 months ago and it was left completely destroyed in a crash. The repair cost is simply not worth it hence the owner has decided to auction off his vehicle.

The proceedings are being managed by Copar and the photo above suggests that the only parts worth getting is the engine and the ECU. Everything else looks out of shape and they won’t help buyers much.

Copar has yet to announce on the bidding price for the wrecked Civic Type R and we certainly hope that the valuation starts under $10,000. We simply don’t see anything that is worth paying more than $10,000 for.

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