Honda Civic Type-R & Ford Focus RS: Beware Of Infiniti Hot Hatch!

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The two major hot hatches in the US market at the moment is the Honda Civic Type-R and Ford Focus RS, which are essentially more powerful and sporty derivatives of the mass market Civic and Focus hatchbacks.

Besides those two, there’s the Volkswagen Golf R and further upmarket there’s the Mercedes-AMG A45. Well that’s surely not enough, so it’s great news that Infiniti is mulling over the idea of its own hot hatch down the road.

While talking about the recently showcased Infiniti Q60 Project Black S Concept, Infiniti boos Roland Krueger did tackle the subject of a potential hot hatch, saying that its viability would need to be assessed first before going into development.

There’s really nothing concrete to cling on from the chief executive’s words but now that the possibility has been addressed, it’s worth keeping our ears to the ground for developments on that front from Infiniti. In the meantime, we’ll wait and see what the automaker does with its latest 500hp hybrid concept.