Honda Civic Type-R: Is The Ford Focus RS Officially Dead?

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The latest Ford Focus RS may be one of the best rated sports hatch around but it is at risk of getting killed by the unlikeliest of cars, the Honda Civic Type-R.

We said unlikeliest because the Civic Type-R is an FWD car whereas the Focus RS is an AWD vehicle. In addition to that, the Civic Type-R only has 306hp to offer whereas the Focus RS can churn out 350hp. So how can the Focus RS lose it against the Civic Type-R?

The answer to this is price. Honda has confirmed that here in the UK, the Civic Type-R will be retailing from £30,995 and this is about £1,300 cheaper than the Focus RS. For that money, you will lose AWD but you will be getting the fastest FWD car in history.

If you are to refer to the Nurburgring lap times, the grass is still greener with the Civic Type-R as the 7:43.8 timing is far ahead than the Focus RS’ 8:6.29. But of course, in the latter’s defence, its Nurburgring lap time was set by a third party driver rather than Ford.