Honda Civic: Wheel Thieves Are Second To Airbags!

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Earlier this month, a major research went online to reveal that the tenth-generation Honda Civic is the hot target for car thieves. There are basically more reports on the Civic getting stolen than any other vehicles here in the US.

Today, another research has followed things up by confirming on the most stolen part about the Civic and it is not the entire car. The most stolen object is with the Civic’s driver-side airbags.

As how it was reported by CarScoops, the airbag on the Civic is valued at $1,000 and thieves can sell them for about $300 in the black market. These thieves are driven by demand and we find it weird because Honda has got a problematic relationship with airbags.

Perhaps, the airbag exploding fiasco involving the cars from Honda has gotten owners to change their airbag unit once in a few years. We simply can’t think of anything else that can explain the ‘demand’.

We are also struggling to comprehend the new trend in thieving because a decade ago, the Civic was targeted for its wheels. Things have certainly changed today.