Honda CR-V Popularity Brings Regret To The Masses

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The Honda CR-V is one of the world’s most popular crossovers and this is owed to the vehicle’s great reputation at daily driving. The latest generation model took things to a new level when it arrived with the turbocharged engines that are sourced from the tenth-generation Civic.

With the new mills, the CR-V can offer a much greater balance in power and fuel economy. But for a growing number of CR-V owners here in the US, they are beginning to regret their purchase and this is due to the risk of engine failure with the vehicle.

As how it was reported by ConsumerReports, the engine on the CR-V can stall at random. When ignited again, the car will enter a limp mode that can’t do more than 20MPH. This isn’t a new issue for the CR-V as the units over in China has faced a similar crisis. In China, Honda has recalled over 380,000 examples to fix the problem.

A similar thing is yet to happen here in the US but we can expect the complaints to escalate into a mass recall from Honda. It is now up to the carmaker to ensure a smooth recall as failing to do so will place a huge dent on their reputation.