Honda CR-V Tries Out Stormtrooper Suit Ahead Of Fashion Show

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Not all automotive events are about car unveilings and power. Take the Tokyo Auto Salon as an example. The annual event places more emphasis on customized cars – much like how it is with the SEMA Show.

Well, the next Tokyo Auto Salon is taking place in a week from now but Honda can’t hold their excitement any longer as they desire to show everyone a different kind of CR-V.

As how you can see in the picture above, the CR-V comes with two colours. White acts as its primary colour, and black is there to complete a Stormtrooper appearance.

At a glance, we see the CR-V as a vehicle that is designed to look like it came from outer space and too fitting for a role in the Star Wars flicks. As such, we can’t wait to check out the vehicle in person at the annual Auto Salon