Honda Don’t Want Too Many Type R

Honda revealed their new 2020 Honda Civic Type R this week but on top of that, they also talked about their Type R lineup and what they have planned for it.

When asked about the future of the Type R brand, Honda replied saying that they take the Type R brand very seriously but added they want to be very careful with it as it is only for vehicles with a racing connection. Some models that will definitely not be getting the Type R variant will be the Insight, CR-V and Odyssey.

They also made it clear that the Type R variant will only be available for Honda badge models. As for the NSX which is a Honda and has a racing connection, it might sound like the vehicle will be getting one but it was added that Honda does not have have any plan to make that happen since it is more of an Acura vehicle with a Honda badge fitted for the US.

It is not a no right now but doesn’t get your hopes up too high.

Author: Staff Reporter

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