Honda e EV Will Take Some Getting Used To

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In the past, the camera side mirrors were only a thing that we see on the concepts models but we are slowly starting to see it coming to the production model. One such model will be the upcoming Honda e EV model.

Honda has just announced that the camera side mirrors on the Honda e prototype will actually make its way to the production model which is great but then again, the driver will probably have to get used to the fact that they will no longer need to look at the side mirrors now but will have to look at the screen in front of them.

Other automakers like Lexus and Audi have already released models with camera side mirrors and we can imagine that the Honda e model’s interior will have a similar screen layout for the side cameras as well.

Honda did add that drivers will be able to choose from a few settings from normal view or wide view with the latter expanding the view by 50%. Sadly, we won’t be seeing any of these coming to the US as the regulations for tech like this are not in place yet.