Honda E Prototype: How Close Are We?

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A few years ago, Honda showed off the Urban EV concept and they will be showing off the new E Prototype at the Geneva Motor Show this week. Because of the way Honda has been showing us these prototypes and concept, most people assume that the production model is supposed to be based on the Urban EV concept but according to Honda, it is the other way around.

Honda added that they have actually worked on the E prototype first before coming out with the Urban EV concept that we all saw. They also mentioned that the Honda Urban EV concept was made to be more showy which might have lead many to believe that they toned down the deisgn for the E-Prototype but they explained that the E-Prototype was actually made to be more showy after they saw the positive response that the public had of the Urban EV concept.

They also revealed that the prototype is actualy about 95% production ready which means we are not that far from the release.