Honda Next Major Goal Is X-Ray Vision!

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Laser sights, environmental scanners… you name it. These are all names used by carmakers to describe a feature on their car that computes the road ahead for any form of hazards.

We raise this point because Honda is apparently working towards revolutionizing this technology with X-Ray vision. The carmaker calls it ‘Smart Intersections’ and it will operate by detecting any wireless signals in the surrounding to pinpoint a potential hazard.

The feature will work best for a Honda when approaching an intersection. The sort-of wireless wave scanner will detect any vehicles that are approaching the intersection from behind a building before warning the driver of the potential hazard should there be any.

We also said X-Ray vision because the feature can scan vehicles and pedestrians that are behind a particular building and not viewable by the driver. As exciting as this may sound, there is no telling when the tech will be ready for its debut.

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