Honda Odyssey: More Bulletproof Than Chrysler Pacifica?

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It is normal for minivan-goers to look deep into a vehicle’s safety feature as they are concerned about the well-being of the passengers. The good news here is that the safety aspects of minivans have greatly improved in the past decade but only one name deserves more of your attention.

It is either the Honda Odyssey or the Chrysler Pacifica. The latter is the more exciting name of the two as it offers greater style and driving pleasure. The Pacifica is also impressive on the safety front as it has achieved Top Safety Pick+ award by IIHS.

Well, today we can confirm that the Odyssey is able to match the Pacifica’s offering as it too has just completed IIHS crash tests and it scored big. The minivan earned Top Safety Pick+ award which puts it on equal footing with the Pacifica.

What’s interesting about this is that one tester praised the Odyssey small size which gives it an edge over the Pacifica on the safety front, even if both vehicles are equally scored. Could this mean that the Odyssey is more bulletproof than the Pacifica?