Honda Thinking About Bringing Back A Legend?

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We might have a clue on what Honda is looking to bring back as new report reveal that Honda might have applied for a trademark for the Legend name. For those that don’t remember, Acura did offer a Legend in the past but it was taken off their line up.

The words used int he trademark for the Legend includes Vehicle; Apparatus for locomotion by land; Apparatus for locomotion by air; Apparatus for locomotion by water and more.

Of course, this is just a trademark right now and it might not lead to anything else but some people believe that it could be coming in as a successor to the RLX flagship sedan and that we might be seeing it during the Monterey Car Week.

The Legend was removed from their line up back in 1996 as the coupe body style got less and less attention. It was later replaced by a four-door sedan model.