Honda Urban EV Looking At Genava

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Honda have been shpowing off a few EV concepts are motor shows and they have now announce that they will be showing off a new EV prototype at the Geneva Motor Show as well.

There is really not a whole lot of information right now but Honda did offer us a single image to give us a taste of what the vehicle will be like. From waht we can see, the protoype will borrow some of its design features from the Urban EV model which means it could be the prodction version of the EV model.

Honda has confirmed that the Urban EV will go into production and the image showed that instead of a three door style, the Honda Urban EV will be getting a set of rear doors.

We know that they are looking to electrify a third of their Europena lineup by 2025 and this will be one of them. The question now is whether the Urban EV would be making its way to the US or not.