Hummer EV Won’t Be Left Out Of GM’s EV Plans

GM has made it pretty clear that they are looking to offer more EV models by 2021 and it looks like part of that plan will involve the Hummer as well.

It was reported that the automaker is working on a BT1 electric truck/ SUV program and has invested a lot in the plants to make that happen. The automaker also added that to increase their revenue, they will be offering the higher end models first before they release the base model.

The change of strategy might be exactly what the automaker needs since their plan to offer cheaper EV models and sell more did not seem to work out for them as it was reported that the Chevrolet Volt and Bolt sales were not enough to make them profitable.

The new program will include an electric pickup truck, an SUV from Cadillac. There were also rumors suggesting that GM is also considering the Hummer but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Do you think an EV Hummer would work?

Author: Staff Reporter

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