Hummer To Become An EV Brand?

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There were talks about GM possibly bringing back the Hummer but before you start celebrating, the report also said that the Hummer brand might come back as an EV brand.

According to Bloomberg, GM might be considering the Hummer as an EV brand as they continue to lay plans for an electric truck and SUVs future. Hummer’s history with rugged and tough vehicles would be a great way for GM to get the message out.

Some people think that instead of the rugged Hummer that we are used to, the new range of electric Hummer will be more premium and would come in to compete with what Rivian will have to offer.

Of course, at this point, nothing has been confirmed yet but even if GM does give the EV Hummer plan a green light, it might be years before we actually get to see something for it so don’t get too excited for now.