Hyundai Announces Warranty Extension for Some

Hyundai have always been very generous when it comes to their warranties as customers often get long and good warranties for their vehicle but the good news does not stop there as Hyundai has now announced that they will be extending the warranty period for some of their customers.

In response to the current crises, Hyundai have announced that they will be extending the warranties for those that were going to expire in March, April, May, and June.

The extension will be offered globally but for those in the US, their warranty which was supposed to end in March, April, May or early June will now be pushed back to the end of June 20.

While their plant have been closed down due to the pandemic, their service department remain open. Hyundai have also donated $2.2 million to children’s hospital and launch the Assurance Job Loss Protection for new owners that might have lost their jobs.

Author: Staff Reporter

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