Hyundai Elevate EV Wants To Drop You Off At Your Doorstep

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Hyundai was at CES where they showed off their new Hyundai Elevate EV which will be able to go where a conventional vehicle will not be able to.

The Elevate EV is described as the first vehicle with moveable legs with wheels attached to the end of the legs. The vehicle can be used to navigate uneven roads for example destroyed grounds after a natural disaster or sidewalks.

If you don’t need it to “walk”, it can be folded up to cruise at highway speeds. This will not only help get a disabled person as close to their doorstep as possible taking first responders into the scene. The cabin can be swapped out to suit the need of the users making it very versatile.

Of course, we do not know when this will be ready or if Hyundai will ever release it but it is a pretty interesting concept.