Hyundai i30 N Track Footage Threatens Ford Focus RS!

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In the world of high performance hatchbacks, the Ford Focus RS is now the car to beat. The Focus RS is simply amazing as it relies on the Mustang-sourced 2.3L turbo-4 engine with 350hp and 350ft-lbs of torque to offer.

For Hyundai, they see it as an opportunity to make an impactful entry in the sports market. Hyundai has yet to offer a high performance road legal car and they are about to do so with the i30 N. If the i30 N can beat the Focus RS, then it is a big leap forward for the South Korean brand.

Well, we believe that Hyundai may just pull it off, especially after catching a leaked footage of the i30 N being tested out at the Nurburgring. The car looks solid and powerful despite being hidden under camouflage.

But of course, this is nothing more than a first impression on the i30 N. Hyundai has yet to provide any details regarding the car aside from the fact that it is going to make its debut soon. The clip of the i30 N in action can be seen below and we would love to hear your opinion on the car.