Hyundai Kona Hybrid: US Missing Out?

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Hyundai announced that they will be offering a hybrid version of their Hyundai Kona but only for Europe right now with no word on whether the US will get getting the option or not.

The Hyundai Kona Hybrid will be coming in with a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated inline-four engine that will be mated to a 32kW motor. The hybrid engine will be offering about 139hp when it arrives and will be mated to a six-speed dual clutch transmission.

While Hyundai is still not ready to announce whether or not they will be offering the hybrid model here, most people believe they will as the numbers match what the Ioniq Hybrid and Niro Hybrid are offering here right now.

The Hybrid model will get a “Hybrid” badge on the outside alng with some white bexels aroung the vents and shifter to indicate that this is not the standard Kona model. The Kona Hybrid will be arriving in Europe this August.