Hyundai Looking For More Distinction Between Models

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While most people would be able to easily pick out one model from another just by paying more attention to the body shape, it looks like Hyundai wants the difference to be more than that.

Luc Donckerwolke, who oversees the design for Hyundai, Kia and Genesis want their model range to have an even bigger difference as he revealed that he is not only looking to have a greater visual separation between their models but he is also looking to create more distinction between Hyundai Group cars as well.

He added that if they do not give each model for distinction, everything will start to look too homogeneous. Each brand will get their own design brief, for Kia, it will be Young, Challenging and Cool. He added that he envisions that the vehicle should be less like Russian dolls but more like chess pieces where each vehicle has its own unique feature and style.

Of course, with nothing to look at right now, it is hard to imagine how he will be able to come out with a new design that will separate all the models but hopefully we will get to see something soon.