Hyundai MOBIS’ Autonomous Concept Communicate With Lights

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Hyundai had a few interesting concepts to show at CES this year with one of them being the Hyundai MOBIS’ Communicate that will come with a lighting system that can communicate with the pedestrians.

The concept came in as a coupe model that was fitted with a few huge display and lights and will help the driver or the vehcle communicate to the other road users and pedestrian its intention.

One of the more interesting feature about the vehicle is its headlights which can actually project a red warning symbol in front to show pedestrains that it is not safe to move in fron of the vehcle. When the vehicle stops, the headlight will show a crosswalk symbol to show that it is safe to walk in front of it.

Then there is the LED boards which will show pedestrains which wayt he vehicle plans to move and also countdown to the time when it will start moving again.

We do not know when these concpet will actually arrive or if it will ever arrive but at least, we know where Hyundai is at when it comes to the autonomous future.