Hyundai Palisade N: The Fans Really Want It To Happen

Hyundai was only joking when they toss the Hyundai Palisade N around on April Fool’s Day but it looks like the fans were hoping that it was more than just a joke as some fans have already started a petition calling Hyundai to actually produce a Palisade N model.

The petition’s goal was to get 200 signature as the last we check, the votes were already at 158, 80% of the target which is pretty impressive of course, even if they get it to 200, that is not a large enough number to make Hyundai really consider it.

If Hyundai was messing around with the name, clearly they were already thinking about it and have decided that it would not be something they are looking to explore in the near future or they won’t be making a joke out of it.

So for now, the fans will only have the concept image to look at by maybe in a few years’ time, we could see Hyundai revisits the Palisade once more. What do you think?

Author: Staff Reporter

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