Hyundai Palisade Stay Hidden Behind BTS In Final Teaser

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Hyundai will be showing off their new Hyundai Palisade later this week but before that happen, Hyundai wants to tease their fans one last time with the release of a new teaser image. This time, the vehicle was not hidden in the shadows but hiding behind the Korean boy band BTS.

While most of the vehicles were covered up by the members of the band, we can still see the grille, the tires as well as the side profile of the vehicle. While we can’t really be sure right now, it does look like the Palisade will look a bit different from the leaked image seen earlier this month.

One of the biggest difference will be the grille. In the leaked image, the vehicle had a chrome grille but the vehicle in the teaser image had a mesh grille. The overall design still matches the HDC-2 Grandmaster concept.

More details will be revealed when the Hyundai Palisade makes its debut at the LA Auto Show.