Hyundai Pavise To Be The Next SUV?

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Hyundai is already working on a new crossover model that they will be showing off at the New York Auto Show called the Venue but it looks like Hyundai is not done yet.

A new report suggest that Hyundai filed an application to trademark the name Pavise this month in New Zealand. The application has not be approve yet but the name was being trademarked for automobiles, vans, trucks, motor buses and evs. There is no report of them doing the same in the US or Europe.

There is not much to go on now but the name alone could suggest that they are working on a new moniker since it is different from the names they have been offering in the past which are ussually name of places.

Of course, this might not turn out to be anything but hopefully we will have more details about the Pavise soon. What do you think it will be?