Hyundai Santa Cruz Production Model Won’t Look Like Concept?

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Hyundai hinted that they might be looking to release a pickup truck of their own a few years ago when they showed off the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept and while they seem to be determined to release a pickup truck of their own, the production model might not look like the 2015 concept when it finally arrives.

According to Motor Trend, the design strategy has changed for Hyundai. They currently feel like their vehicles don’t have to look similar anymore and that the upcoming Santa Cruz will be “a lot more distinctive” when it comes to the design.

What we know now is that the Hyundai Santa Cruz will come riding on the 202 Tuscon platform and will come in as a five seat four door truck. This will also be what the upcoming Kia version will be based on. It is believe that the Santa Cruz will be coming in 2020 or 2021.