Hyundai Thinking Of Disinfecting Solution

Hyundai seems to be thinking about ways to disinfect the interior of their vehicle. With the recent pandemic, it made sense that they would be working on that.

For Hyundai, the solution could be to use UV light which has the ability to kill viruses on the dome light to disinfect the interior. In that position, the light will be able to sterilize seats, floor mats, dashboard, and steering wheel at the same time.

While that sounds great, UV light is also dangerous to human skin so the feature will need to be used when there is nobody in the vehicle. Using UV light to disinfect is not something new but recent events might have push people to give it more thought.

As for when we will actually be seeing something like that, well, Hyundai did not actually give people a timeline.

Author: Staff Reporter

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