Hyundai Veloster N Will Be On The Same Plane With Golf R!

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Hyundai has confirmed on the development of the Veloster N but nobody has got a clue on the competition which the vehicle is after.

On papers, the Veloster N will act as an affordable sports hatchback but the vehicle won’t be as powerful as the Honda Civic Type R or the Ford Focus RS. This helps narrow the scope to lesser sports cars like the Mazda MX-5 Miata and the Toyota 86.

Once again, the Veloster N does not fit well in that league as it boasts 275hp from a 2L turbocharged engine. So where does the car fit?

If power count is to be the measuring stick in determining the position of the Veloster N, we would see the Volkswagen Golf R as the ideal competitor for the sports hatch. Sure, the Veloster N may be 20hp short of its rival here but this is pretty minimal when compared to other vehicles.